The Invincibles Tour would like to wish their following members a "Very Happy Birthday" for July 1: Ethan Carlson (turns 18) 4: Tom Flaskett, 6: Alfie Ward, 8: Chase Rendell, 10: Caitlyn Wheatley and Riley Bell, 17: Will Bowen, 18: Rebecca O’Neill (turns 18) and Lachlan Hancock, 19: Brody MacRae, 29: Tiyara Samararatne, with………….


Allira Shingles and Liam Thomson celebrating their birthdays on July 30 - 2020!


Despite the obvious heartache and restrictions the Coronavirus has impacted on us as a community, the Tour hopes you all have a great day celebrating the big occasion at home with family or friends via social media!


The Invincibles Tour would also like to take this opportunity to extend their best wishes to everyone and hope you are all staying healthy and safe.


We would also like to advise, that bookings for the Noosa Springs Junior Classic, Sunday the 12th of July are being taken via where there are limited spots, so please get in early to avoid disappointment!


Don’t forget to add all your details!