To say the world is going through tough and testing times due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) would be stating the obvious, but if we treat each other with respect and dignity and do all the little things that we can do to lessen the impact, then we will get though these uncertain times together. Given the uncertainty of the situation, it is……………


Extremely important to follow the guidance and direction of the Medical professionals and those in power to have the best possible chance to get through this crisis “with the best possible outcome”.


Given the situation The Invincibles Tour find themselves in, it is important to play our part by following the direction of the Health authorities, Government, Golf Australia, the PGA, to hopefully lessen the impact.


We are collectively going to have to brace ourselves for what lies ahead and support those around us.


It is important to keep up to date with what is unfolding, as it changes by the hour, and that includes the 2020 Pennants season being postponed to a date to be confirmed.


“Given the circumstances, The Invincibles Tour will not be participating or hosting golfing events until further notice”


We appreciate that you understand why!


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“They may be “Invincibles” on the golf course, but with COVID-19,

nobody is”.


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