That’s certainly the case, but the key message in that telling sentence is ‘working together.’ If there is no common cause and no shared goal, then all the hard work in the world will be of no consequence, and that was the reason the Invincibles Tour arranged………


A junior golfing forum last week (Monday, July 22), attended by zone and district golf association representatives, club managers, professionals and captains, and others interested in fostering junior golf on the Sunshine Coast.


Maroochy River Golf Club hosted the forum, which was called to not just discuss the future of junior golf in our region, but to determine where the Invincibles Tour fitted into the junior golfing landscape, and how to ensure young players had the best opportunity to follow their golfing dreams.


The Invincibles Tour came into being more than 15 years ago when there was a clear void within junior golf on the Sunshine Coast. Since then, the Tour has worked tirelessly to develop a calendar of junior events, to mentor young male and female golfers and to encourage young players to reach their potential.


Tour founder Graeme Miller stressed that the Tour existed to support Sunshine Coast golf clubs, Golf Australia, Australia’s Professional Golf Association, Australian Ladies Professional Golf, and the relevant zone and district golf associations.



But it’s overriding goal was to develop fine young men and women who happened to have a talent for playing golf.


The Tour has become a breeding ground for junior talent, evidenced by the fact that 27 past or present members of the Invincibles Tour took part in last year’s Queensland Open.


Graeme Miller said the success of the Tour had not come about by accident.


“It’s happened because our golf clubs, our sponsors and the community in south-east Queensland have seen the benefits of The Invincibles Tour and are willing, and more than prepared, to work together for a common cause to create an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.


Many excellent ideas and innovations were discussed at the forum, and it soon became apparent that everybody really was seeking the same outcomes.


Tim Dwyer, Deputy Mayor of the Sunshine Coast, impressed the forum when he stressed that everybody had to work together to ensure that both the Invincibles and junior golf on the Sunshine Coast improved.


He said that the Invincibles had been able to establish a structure of leadership that ensured competitors, as well as their parents, could take pride in the game of golf (see link below).


It was apparent that all organisations needed to respect each other’s points of view and work together to create an environment that would give our juniors every opportunity to develop their skills and reach their full potential, both as golfers and as young adults.


There was an agreed goal to create a safe, fair and friendly environment for junior golfers to grow and develop in the game.


“We all wanted to build a program that benefits our juniors, their parents and our golf clubs,” Graeme Miller said.


The golf industry doesn’t need pettiness or egos getting in the way, and it certainly doesn’t need organisations protecting their patch for the sake of it.


Our juniors and their families need leadership and direction that gives them a confident vision as to where they can go in the game.


They want to know there is a clear transition from 5 and 9-hole competitions right through to the likes of Cameron Smith, Karis Davidson, Cassie Porter, Charlie Dann and Shae Wools–Cobb, who are amongst the outstanding golfers who honed their skills on The Invincibles Tour.


There is no doubt that the only way we can all achieve our goals is to support each other and do whatever we can to advance the game of golf, because it truly is a magnificent game that teaches us life skills.


Where to from here? The answer to that is in our hands. We can be anything we want.


One observation that became more than apparent at the forum, was that everyone felt it was time a meeting between Golf Australia, the PGA and The Invincibles Tour was vitally important to gain their insight and direction into where The Tour was placed moving forward.

Broc Greenhalgh (PGA) who couldn’t be at the forum, felt that a meeting would be of great value and has agreed to try and facilitate a meeting between the head bodies!


Are we capable of change, or do we keep doing the same thing and, ultimately, ending up with the same outcome?