Every year leading into The Invincibles Annual Junior Presentation Dinner, The Tour asks their members to vote for a player they believe is worthy of taking out the “PLAYERS PLAYER Award" and they would like to request that you take the time to complete the nomination form on the home page (under latest News/Events) to make sure your vote counts. The Players Player……………..


Award is one of the greatest honours that any player can receive, as it is voted on by your peers and fellow Tour team-mates, so it really is important that you don’t waste your vote.


To vote is as simple as going to the Home Page on The Invincibles website and applying your vote or texting it to 0417 783 848 to see if you can get your player the recognition you believe he or she deserves?


This award can only be voted on by Invincibles members (no adults) and it is important to note, that your vote could be the very vote that counts!


We look forward to catching up with you at our Presentation Dinner to see who will be the successful recipient? 



Voting closes on Sunday the 17th of November!