On what was a perfect day for golf “all be it a little hot for some” our juniors, club members and their families headed to Gympie Golf Club to contest the opening round of the Sunshine Coast Zone Junior Pennants Season, where we witnessed some incredible performances and tight matches, particularly the matches from Luke Barnes and Ruby Kavanagh (both from Maroochy River's – team 2) who……


Won their respective matches 1 up on the final hole against Brady Mann and Sam Kavanagh (Caloundra).


It’s always a great sight witnessing our juniors representing their clubs at a Zone level, in what is historically one of the most enjoyable formats of the game “match-play” and that was no more obvious than witnessing some of our older members helping the more inexperienced (first timers) learn the ropes.


All up, round one was played in great spirit and in a true sportsperson like manner (win or lose) and that’s something we have come to expect from our juniors. It was fantastic to see the camaraderie between members and their families even whilst in the heat of combat.


To witness players caddie for their team mates and more importantly, for opposition players was very special and a good indication of the environment we compete in.


It was also a fantastic sight to see so many Club Captains and officials at Gympie supporting their


up and coming junior brigade, that was really something special and a good indication into the future of junior golf.


Given the extremely dry spell we had during January, it was a credit to the team at Gympie for having the course in a playable condition, and on behalf of everyone that took part we thank you for your hard work and dedication, particularly Robyn Jackson, Noel Wheatley and Del Groundwater!


Gympie Golf Club had the bye:


The final results were as follows:


1 Junior Pennant Results R1 Gympie



Photos below are in ladder order.


Noosa Springs Headland Maroochy River 1 Maroochy River 2
1 Junior Pennant Noosa Springs 1 Junior Pennant Headland 1 Junior Pennant Maroochy 1 1 Junior Pennant Maroochy 2

Sam Dryden, Sunday Moore, 

Jasmine Lena

Campbell Gigmey, Nate Smyth (M)

Keita Griffen - Klaterma, James Daniel

Lewis Shaughnessy, Tyler Quaill

Ionna Muir

Luke Barnes, Ruby Kavanagh

Tom Flaskett

Caloundra Nambour Noosa 1 Noosa 2
1 Junior Pennant Caloundra 1 Junior Pennant Nambour 1 Junior Pennant Noosa 1 1 Junior Pennant Noosa 2

Brady Mann, Sam Cavanagh,

Liam Dawson, Will Stringer (away)

Mickey Schimak - Orrell, Rhett Rosenius

Matt Bryan  

George Giblett, Jackson Smith,

Cooper Clarke

Rafferty Noar, Tamatoa Stana,

Bronson White

1 Junior Pennant Gympie
Caitllyn Wheatly, Rebecca O'Neill
Zoe Powel, Stuart Powel 


1 Junior Pennant Results R1 Gympie L


Round 2 will be hosted by Noosa Springs, Sunday February 17, tee off from 7.00am.


Junior Pennants Dates 2019