The Invincibles Match-Play Championships were designed to give our members the opportunity to compete in a match – play format.


The Invincibles Tour is your Tour and we are constantly listening to you and your needs, that's why The Tour would like to thank Matt Gill and Blair Gamble for coming up with the concept of The Invincibles Match - Play Championships and we would also like to thank Robbie Collins and Ben Wedmaier for formulating the concept.


We think it's a brilliant idea and one that will create a huge challenge and interest to everyone on Tour.


The traditional form of the game sees two individuals or two sides competing against one another with the number of holes won or lost deciding the match. The match is completed when one side is ahead after the decreed number of holes or is more holes up than the number of holes remaining to be played.


To qualify for The Invincibles Match Play Championship you have to be an Invincibles Member, play in a nominated amount of rounds throughout the year and be in the top eight point scores in division, A, B and C for boys or the girls Open division.

Aneka Park, Mikaleigh Pickles, Shae Wools - Cobb, Sean Daines, Karl Preston, Matthew Samen - Curtis