If you love a little pampering, enjoy your golf, tennis, or fine dining, and you enjoy mixing it with nature, then it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to be anywhere else than spending a relaxing weekend at the magnificently presented Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort, where you are assured of being treated like royalty.
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The Invincibles Tour on behalf of their members and junior golfers throughout South East Queensland, would like to pass on their thanks and appreciation to Mark Brady (Executive General Manager) and his team at their beautifully presented Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort.


We would also like to pass on our thanks and appreciation to the great team in the Pro Shop, their bar staff, caterers, and ground staff for presenting their course and facilities in magnificent condition, but most importantly, for making everyone feel so welcome.


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If you haven’t visited the world-renowned Noosa (Queensland - Australia) or enjoyed a round of golf on the beautifully manicured Noosa Springs Golf Course, which is situated a comfortable ninety - minute drive North of Brisbane, then you are missing out on one of Queensland’s and the Sunshine Coasts hidden treasures.


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Invincibles 2020 IGA Corporate Golf Day


Thanks to the support and generosity of IGA and Metcash, The Invincibles Tour held their seventeenth Annual IGA Corporate Golf Day that was hosted by the magnificently presented Noosa Springs Golf and Spa Resort, where our guests were treated to what was a cracker of a day to run The Invincibles Annual fund raiser, and we don’t believe we could have asked for anymore, particularly after what we have all endured over the past twelve months

Photo: Roy Leisk (Metcash) Peter Zipf, Romeo Bordignon (IGA) and Craig Teitzel 



It gave everyone involved, the perfect opportunity to let their hair down and have some fun after the tough times we have endured, and it is fair to say that it didn’t take too much coaxing to get the party started! Just driving down the driveway leading into the Noosa Springs Resort, creates and atmosphere where you know the day is set up for something special and we believe, no one left disappointed. On arrival at the registration desk everyone was welcomed by the ladies that make these days happen (Irene Lally) along with Marshan Miller, Di Broome and Ann Livingstone who did a brilliant job selling raffle tickets and helping co-ordinate the day.


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Once all the formalities were out of the way, our guests meandered through to the Relish Bar dining area, where their head chef, Aden Moriadty had everything set in place to make sure everyone had a mouth-watering meal prior to heading out on course to enjoy the day.


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One of the major Highlights on the day for the large group that stayed back for dinner and presentations, was witnessing two of our juniors in Tyler Quaill (Maroochy River) and Amy Hodgkins (Redcliffe (p1-2-3 below) who had no idea what was about to unfold and were blown away (in front of two proud, if not teary mums) when presented by Roy Leisk (Metcash) Peter Zipf (IGA) a $1000 Encouragement Award each, to be used for travel and accommodation to a major event of their choosing, with the aim of elevating their golf to the next level.


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Roy and Peter went on to say, that they were in awe of the way our juniors played the game, but most importantly, in the way they represent themselves, The Tour and their sponsors, they truly are a credit and we are more than happy to support them and The Tour in any way we can. 


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Amongst all the skulduggery, lies, and laughter that echoed across the course, we were treated to a spectacular “Hole in One” that was achieved by a member of the winning group Steve Young (Noosa Meat Centre, p-1 below) with his trusty 6 iron into the 166m par 3 8th hole! 


igacgd 2020 17

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 And it was that hole in one that made all the difference between winning and coming second given the final scores were, Steve Young Group (52) Irene Lally Team (52-3/8) and Peter Teazel squad on 53-1/2. 


igacgd 2020 21

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An enormously happy and surprised Bruce Finlay (Maroochy River- p2 below) won the fantastic Callaway Raffle package worth approximately $4,445.00.


igacgd 2020 25

igacgd 2020 26

igacgd 2020 27

igacgd 2020 28


As the photos would indicate, and from the feedback received, was that everyone had a ball and really considered the day a great success, which is what we strived to achieve and it is great to hear that everyone appreciated the effort that was put in by not only Mark Brady (Manager) Mel, Warren, Dan and their great teams, but the organisers and volunteers alike.


igacgd 2020 29

igacgd 2020 30

igacgd 2020 31

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 The only draw-back on the day, was that we couldn’t run our normal novelty (dress up, driving holes, the shots into the par 3’s and billiard cue shots due to Covid-19, but at the end of the day, our guests came to have fun and that’s pretty much what they did! 


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As is always the case, the Noosa Springs course and facilities were showcased at their magnificent best and a perfect day weather wise just topped off what was a great day had by all. 


igacgd 2020 37

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We would like to pass on a big thanks to Callaway Australia (Michael Gawne) for their generous support and sponsorship of the day.


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igacgd 2020 44


A special thanks to Nicola Hodgkins and Sharon Dryden who looked after the longest and straightest drives on 9, and Bob Miller for their enormous help and support. 


igacgd 2020 45

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igacgd 2020 48


The Invincibles Tour would like to thank Noosa Springs, Twin Waters, Pelican Waters, Mt Coolum, Headland, Royal Pines, Noosa, Caloundra, and Peregian Golf Courses for donating vouchers to be used as prizes and for Raffles.


igacgd 2020 49

igacgd 2020 50

igacgd 2020 51

igacgd 2020 52


They would also like to thank the organisations and companies for supplying product for our show bags, that once again were filled to overflowing with all sorts of goodies to the delight of everyone that took part in the day.


igacgd 2020 53

igacgd 2020 54

igacgd 2020 55

igacgd 2020 56


 A big thanks to Cassie Porter, Justice Bosio, Amy Hodgkins, Sami Dryden, Shae Wools- Cobb, Ryley Martin, Alex and Caitlyn Wheatley and Tyler Quaill along with Frank Schmidt for your input and support on the day.


igacgd 2020 57

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The Tour would like to congratulate all our guests and volunteers for helping make the day what it was, a fun day out and we would like to think we will see you back next year in it’s original time spot, which will be Friday August 13. 


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To view a full collage of photos covering the day, please click on the GALLERY link above!


1. Winner: Noosa Meat Centre (Steve Young, Shaun Behrendorf, Zac Blanch, Richard Taylor) 52nett.
2. Second Place: The Lally Marauders (Irene Lally, Tyler Duncan, Justice Bosio, Ray Lally) 52-3/8nett.
3. Third Place: – Noosa Gourmet (Peter Teitzel, Peter Degotardi, Ziggy. Josh Constable) finished with 53-1/2nett.
4. Longest Drive (9th) Ladies – Amy Hodgkins
5. Longest Drive (9th) Men – Ryley Martin
6. Straight Drive (9th) Ladies – Di Porter
7. Straight Drive (9th) Men – Greg Laverty
8. N.T.P – 4th – Steve Young
9. N.T.P – 8th – Steve Young “Hole in One”
10. N.T.P – 13th – Shae Wools-Cobb
11. N.T. P – 16th – Peter Degotardi

For those that missed out this year “WELL THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR” so please book Friday the 13th of August, 2021 into your calendars…


From an Invincibles perspective: we know we speak for our members and their families, when we extend a special thanks and our appreciation to our sponsors and supporters (below) for the massive input and support they give to Junior Golf and The Invincibles Tour.


invincibles supporters 

Their support helps us enormously with the promotion and development of Junior Golf on the Sunshine Coast which is something we don’t take for granted and very much appreciate.....


We would also like to make special mention of The Invincibles Committee who do an excellent job behind the scenes to make sure The Tour runs well, in particular Joss Quirk, Frank Schmidt, and Neil Charkow. They give their time so willingly to help at events, behind the scenes or with The Invincibles website in the hope of making sure that your golfing experience is just that much more enjoyable.


If you would like to make a donation or become a sponsor of "The Tour" then please feel free to contact Graeme Miller President / Founder via Mobile: 0417 783 848 or E-Mail:  

Donations can be made via direct deposit to:

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