The Invincibles Tour would like to pass on their thanks and appreciation to Pelican Waters Golf Club, particularly Andrew Kenny (Manager) and his great team led by Jacob Harris (Golf Operations Manager) and Michelle Hurd (Events & Functions Manager) for their fantastic support and for making everyone feel welcome.


Their course and facilities were in magnificent condition which was an absolute treat for everyone that took up the challenge to contest their 2 Day Easter Classic.

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“Pelican Waters Golf Club has intelligently integrated a 6,289m championship golf course with the existing natural landscape to deliver a challenging golfing terrain. With its enviable backdrop of the majestic Glasshouse Mountains and nestled within the heart of the master planned community of Pelican Waters, where our club offers the golfing enthusiast one of the most unique and rewarding golf courses on the Sunshine Coast.”


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If you haven’t had the opportunity or taken the time to visit the beautifully presented Pelican Waters Golf Club that’s situated a comfortable sixty - minute drive North of Brisbane, then you are missing something very special. The Pelican Waters Golf Club, is where fine dining, a great golfing experienced and nature come together on the very challenging Greg Norman Designed Golf Course.


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On behalf of your hosts Peter and Anthony Zipf (pictured with their teams) IGA, their suppliers and The Invincibles Tour, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for joining us for what was another fantastic IGA Golf Day.



Where; you guessed it, it was a “Cracker” of a day to host The Invincibles fourteenth Annual IGA Corporate Golf Day, where our guests, that included, Merv & Toini Norman, Tim Dwyer (acting Mayor) Mark Brady (Noosa Springs) Greg Laverty (Sunshine Coast Council) Peter Owen (Editor / Journalist) were joined by a great team of volunteers and some 136 guests who took to the fairways to test their skills, but most importantly, to have some fun at the magnificently presented Pelican Waters Golf Course, where the sole aim, was to raise funds for the Invincibles Sunshine Coast Junior Golfing Tour, and boy, they certainly did that as the photos below and in the gallery would indicate.

“It doesn’t get any better, than seeing a group of people get together to enjoy each-others company and have some fun, and thanks to everyone involved, we don’t believe the day could have gone any better, and that’s what we set out achieve!

P1 below is your host Peter Zipf (IGA) welcoming our guests prior to heading out on course for what was a fantastic day out.


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This year’s champions “M.J Mahon Transport – p2 above” that included Mike Nancaro, Michael Mahon, Wade Hastie and Brad Colrain who took out the day with a very impressive 50.7/8.


The Degotardi Desperate Group (p3) consisting of Ryley Martin, Jack Elsley, Wilson Foster and Peter Degotardi, took out second spot with 52.125.

Third place (p4) went to Pomona IGA (your host) that included Nathan Howie, Andrew Egea, Peter Zipf and Romeo Bordignon, who came in with a score of 52.375.

As we’ve mentioned many times before, your golf days just wouldn’t be the great success they are without our great team of volunteers doing the fantastic job they do, and that certainly applies to Irene Lally (p1 below with Marshan Miller and Janet Burke) who’s input and direction is priceless, as is the incredible job my wife Marshan does, their unbelievable support and input, is without doubt very much appreciated by The Invincibles Tour, their members and everyone who participates in our IGA Days.

On behalf of everyone that participated, we would like to thank the following men, women and juniors for their very generous input and support to help make our IGA Golf Day the great success it was, and they include Michelle Park & Bob Miller (snooker hole) Diane Broome, Judy Miller, Janet Burke (fancy dress and photos on the 1st hole) Chris Crabtree, Steven Cox and Dylan Gardner who played shots into 6, 8 and 12 respectively.


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There's no doubt that the winners on the day were those that took part, as it was one of the best days one could imagine, starting out with a BBQ on arrival at registration (Thanks to the great team at Pelican Waters and our suppliers) where our guests came to party "and party they did" on a course that looked an absolute treat, and on a cracker of winter's day in paradise (who could ask for more).

That combined with a whole host of prizes and show bags that were filled to overflowing with all sorts of goodies thanks to our supporters, and lucky door prizes just topped off what was a fantastic day.

The Invincibles Tour would personally like to acknowledge and pass on their thanks and appreciation to Peter & Anthony Zipf (main photo) and their team at IGA for their very generous support over many years (14 to be exact), their input and support has been very much appreciated and once again they have helped us move mountains in the name of junior golf.

The Invincibles Tour would like to pass on their thanks and appreciation to Romeo Bordignon (p4 below with Irene and Graeme) for his fantastic input and support, he made Irene’s and The Tours job so much easier, which we believe, showed on the day.


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We would like to acknowledge and thank Andrew Kenny (General Manager) at Pelican Waters and his great team in Michelle Hurd (Function & Events Manager) along with Jacob Harris (Director of Golf) their bar staff, caterers, and ground staff for making sure everything ran smoothly, but most importantly, for making everyone feel so welcome.

Not to mention the incredible job they did with the BBQ prior to teeing off, which was just brilliant, looking after everyone out on course, dinner and at presentations, that just topped off what was a magical day had by all.


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There’s no doubt that the 1st hole that was supervised by Di Broome and Judy Miller (p4 below) brought out a side in our guests that really created a fantastic atmosphere, but the mind boggles, just how little persuading “in most part” the girls had to apply to get our male guests to dress up in ladies outfits, in an effort to gain a few metres by teeing off from the ladies tees (rather than the men’s) which certainly made for a load of fun.


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“Dreams Do Come True”

To a very surprised, one could say “absolutely shocked” Justice Bosio and Bailey Arnott, who were presented with invitations to contest the Aaron Baddeley Junior International Championship, in San Diego, USA in December that will be financed by The Invincibles Tour and their very generous sponsors.

The Invincibles Tour would like to thank Michael Gawne and Callaway Australia and Pelican Waters Golf Club (games of golf) for their fantastic support with the main raffle valued at a staggering $4,455.00 (below p3) that was won by Wade Hastie (M.J Mahon Transport group) who then donated them back for auction, to then buy it back for $2000 to help raise extra funds for Bailey Arnott and Justice Bosio go to America. Please click on the following link?


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We would like to believe that IGA, their suppliers Callaway Australia and Drummond, would take a certain amount of pride and satisfaction out of knowing that their support is without doubt making a difference by giving every junior involved in golf on the Sunshine Coast and South-East Queensland an unbelievable opportunity to follow their dreams and reach their full potential in a safe, fair, and friendly environment under the guidance of The Invincibles Tour and support of IGA.


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We know we speak for everyone when we extend special thanks, and our appreciation to all our local golf clubs, and our sponsors and supporters (below) for the massive input and support they give to The Invincibles Tour, for without that support, we “The Tour” just couldn’t exist?


igacgd 2018 Sponsors



Merv Norman and Graeme Miller would like to thank everyone (particularly Aneka park) for their best wishes and the beautiful cake to help celebrate their birthdays, it was a fantastic gesture!

We would also like to take this opportunity on behalf of The Invincibles Tour, their families, and the golfing community of the Sunshine Coast to thank all our very generous guests, sponsors, and supporters for their very generous support of the kids and The Invincibles Tour.

Your generosity and support is very much appreciated….


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We would specially like to thank the following very generous organizations for supplying prizes and product that included: Callaway Australia, Drummond Golf Maroochydore, SalesLink, JC’s Nuts, Kellogg’s Australia, PepsiCo Australia, Rocket Australia, Victoria Coffee, Mondelez/Kraft/Cadbury, San Remo, Mahon Transport, Snack Brands Australia, Parmalat, Expression Plus Cards, Asaleo Care, Parmalat, H J Heinz Co. Australia Ltd, Complete Health, Smartchef, Botany Group, Primo Smallgoods, Coconut Essences, Royal Foods, Lenard’s Poultry, IGA, Simplot Australia, Kiss Chocolate, Schweppes, Trumps Nuts, G T Print, Mars Chocolates, Zest Foods, and Nestle Australia that filled your show bags to overfilling…


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The Committee of The Invincibles Tour would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate our juniors that took part in the day for the way they represented The Tour and mixed in with our suppliers and corporate leaders. They did a brilliant job and we are extremely proud of you and the way you handle yourselves...


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Many thanks to the Burke Group (p1-2-3-4 below) in Geoff Miller, David Burke, Geoff Barnett who flew up from Melbourne to share in your IGA Day, particularly (David) who has flown up from Melbourne every year for the past 14 years, the Burke group was joined by Invincibles Treasurer Frank Schmidt, who took great delight in joining the boys for a fun day out.


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A special thank you to Aneka Park who is a tower of support and does a brilliant job at presentation.

It was fantastic day out and the major reason for that was the massive input by everyone from the staff at Pelican Waters, a great team of volunteers and guests who came to have a good time and to make sure that everyone enjoyed their day!

As one can see at the snooker hole, that was manned by Bob Miller and Michelle Park.


igacgd 2018 45

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Collectively they were all brilliant and a major reason that the day ran smoothly and was a huge success, and finally, my wife Marshan who is just an incredible wife and unbelievable support.

The Tour would like to thank you all for making the day the great success it was!!!!


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A special mention and thanks to Roy McClean and Terry Young and their team at Drummond Golf Maroochydore for their fantastic input and support.

Their support is helping give our juniors a purpose and focus in life and by doing so they are giving them every opportunity to follow their dreams and reach their full potential in a fun, fair and friendly environment here on the Sunshine Coast whilst making a massive difference to our Junior Golf Program.


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If we have forgotten anyone that supported the day, we do apologize, but to every individual or organisation that either participated, helped, or sponsored any part of today, we would like to say thanks on behalf of IGA and The Invincibles Tour.


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For those that missed out this year “WELL THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR” so please book Friday the 9th of August 2019 into your Calendars…


Main Raffle – Wade Hastie (Donated back for Auction)

1. Champions – M.J Mahon Transport Group

2. Second Place – The Degotardi Desperate Group.

3. Third Place – Pomona IGA

4. Longest Drive (3) Ladies – Glen Slater

5. Longest Drive (10) Men - Sean Daines

6. Straightest Drive (15) Ladies or Men – Gary Waterson

7. Straightest Drive (15) Ladies or Men – Riley Martin

8. N.T.P – 4th – Tony Giles

9. N.T.P – 6th – Roy McLean

10. N.T.P – 11th – John Callaghan

11. N.T.P – 14th – Jake Scanlan

12. Putting comp – Steven Cox

For a pictorial overview of the day click on the “Gallery” tab above!!!