The game of Golf is an honourable sport based on trust, honesty and self-discipline, your reputation lives or dies by the following code of conduct.


Play the ball as it lies.
Play the course as you find it.
And if you can't do either, do what's fair.
But to do what's fair, you need to know the rules of golf!

Dare we say it "CHEATING" is not an option!



One of the main aims of The Invincibles Tour is to set in place a junior program “TOUR” that’s full of fun and enjoyment for both boys, girls, and their families.


A program that we hope would draw junior golfers together to enjoy their golf and each other’s company. We would also like to think that by the time our juniors become adults, they will reflect fondly on the time they spent touring to some of the greatest golf courses and places the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland had to offer, whilst learning some invaluable life and social skills along the way, and we would like to think that those memories would remain with those involved forever.


Keeping this in mind, it has been brought to our attention by a few very concerned observers that the rules and etiquette of golf are being set aside for a moment’s personal gain and "perceived" glory.


One of the major reasons we play golf is to have fun and to enjoy ourselves, to get outdoors with family and friends, to kick back from the hum drum turmoil of everyday life and enjoy each other’s company on the well-manicured and peaceful surrounds of the golf course. “The winning or losing should only be a secondary response to what one would hope is a great day out with family and friends”


One would also hope that it’s more the enjoyment and challenges that golf throws our way, the challenges that draws us deeper into its spell whilst teaching us some very important and valuable lessons about ourselves and life in general.


'So where could the system break down. It breaks down when individuals believe they have the right to take an unfair advantage over their playing partners, to take on a win at all cost mentality, just for a moment’s glory."  


It’s vitally important to The Invincibles Tour to show guidance and encouragement to our aspiring junior golfers, to show that honesty and sportsmanship really does matter and that it’s still well and truly alive within all true sports men and women.  


The Invincibles Tour can promise you this, if you play within the rules and etiquette of the game, you will feel an awful lot better about yourself at day’s end, and you will be respected a whole lot more by your peers if you play within the rules, etiquette, and true spirit of the game.


We would like you to consider for one minute “how your behaviour and attitude affects your fellow competitors” and, how your attitude plays a huge part in how your fellow competitors either enjoy or don’t enjoy their golf.


So, next time you’re out on the course and playing the round of your life and one of your playing partners decides to throw clubs, let loose with abusive language, or not help you find a lost ball etc., then think about how you would feel, and then act accordingly?


We believe as young golfers you are entitled to make mistakes through lack of knowledge and a limited understanding of the rules, that’s fine in the short term, but it’s your responsibility in conjunction with your parents to acquire a rules book (you can pick one up from your nearest golf club) and together learn the rules.  


It can be fun to test each other. A great rules book is "DO I GET A DROP" which is a fun read that doesn't confuse with over the top technical talk.


There’s one thing “The Tour” can absolutely guarantee, and that is, if you accept an award under false pretences, you will come to realize that it has no value or worth and every time you look at it, it will haunt you and be a constant reminder of an award that you neither earned nor deserved.


We ask everyone to help us with the following?


1. Fill out your score cards correctly and double check prior to starting your game.


2. Make yourself familiar with local rules.


3. Only apply scores to yours and your playing partners card that you know are correct.


4. If you’re playing partner gives you a score for a hole that you don’t believe is correct "without unduly holding up play, resolve it immediately” whilst it’s fresh in your minds and before leaving the next Tee box.


5. Double check and don't sign off on a card if you don't agree with the score that’s on it.


6. If you can't resolve a concern immediately, play a second ball and record both final scores on the hole.


On completion of your round seek determination from an official and we will help you resolve the situation and make a ruling.


Please keep this in mind Rule 1-3: Agreement to Waive Rules?


Players must not agree to exclude the operations of any rule or to waive any penalty incurred.


Penalty Match Play: Disqualification of both sides.


Stroke play: Disqualification of competitors concerned.


If you sign a score card that you know is incorrect, then the likely outcome will be disqualification of all parties concerned.  


Golf is truly a great “GAME” based on Trust, HonestyRespect and the Traditions of the game, and it’s for these very reasons that we take the time to thank those members that approached us with their concerns.  


We would like to encourage everyone that has a concern with The Tour to get in touch with us via the “CONTACT US” link on The Invincibles Web Site or on 0417 783 848 as our committee takes your concerns seriously and would like to think that if we all work together to resolve this or any other unpleasant or embarrassing part of our game, we will all end up richer for it and so will the game of golf.