In perfect conditions, Headland Golf Club hosted round 2 of the Sunshine Coast Zone Pennants Championship, where ladder leaders Mount Coolum, maintained top spot on the ladder after their 2/1 win over the newly formed Noosa Springs Golf Club, Noosa and Maroochy River also maintained their positions in second and third spots.........


respectively, after their drawn matches with Nambour and Gympie.


Headland moved up into fourth spot with their 3/0 win over Caloundra.

Gympie maintained fifth spot after drawing with Maroochy River.

Nambour jumped up one spot to seventh after drawing with Noosa, which left Noosa Springs in eighth spot after round two.

As was the case on day one, it was an absolute pleasure to witness the talent that was on display, as they gave it their best shot and at the same time played within the rules and etiquette of the game.

It would be remise of us not to thank Headland Golf Club and their team, for the fantastic job they did hosting the day, their course was in excellent condition and a true test to everyone’s game. 

Also, to the club members, parents, and galleries who play an enormous part in making sure these days are an enjoyable experience for everyone, particularly for those that are experiencing the pennants format for the first time.

It was a brilliant effort to see Jasmine Lena (Noosa Springs) hold her nerve against the much more fancied Bailey Koch (Mt Coolum) to win 2up, and it was an equalling impressive sight to see Bailey hold his nerve after giving away so many shots! A very impressive performance by both Jasmine and Bailey!


Ionna Muir (Maroochy River) and  Alex Wheatley (Gympie) also did a brilliant job taking their match to a draw which was an excellent performance given that this is their first experience with Pennants. 

Round three will be hosted by Nambour Golf Club (February 25) who are looking forward to making everyone feel welcome.

Nambour 7:00 Headland
Noosa Springs 7:21 Gympie
Mt Coolum 7:42 Caloundra
Noosa 8:03 Maroochy River



The following team photos are in ladder order. 


2018 Pennants Mt Coolum 01 2018 Pennants Noosa 02 2018 Pennants Maroochy 03 2018 Pennants Headland 05

L - R: Wilson Foster, Bailey Koch,

Jack  Elsley

Tama Stana, Brendan O'Brien,

Kyden Allen 

Alicia King - Daniel Robson -
Blair Green - Tom Flaskett

Patrick Walsh - Keita Griffin - Kiazema

James Daniel

2018 Pennants Gympie 04 2018 Pennants Caloundra 04 2018 Pennants Nambour 08 2018 Pennants Noosa Springs 07

Catlyn Weatley - Rebecca O'Neill

Zoe Powell - Alex Wheatley

Liam Dawson - Will Stringer

Jonathon Drechsler

Matt Bryan - Rhett Rosenius

Mickey Schimak -  Orrell

Will Rothwell - Jasmine Lena

Nathan Rothwell


The Tour wishes all clubs and their juniors the very best in your quest to become the Sunshine Coast Pennants Champions for 2018.


2018 JUNIORS Round 2 Ladder
2018 JUNIORS Round 2 results


Results courtesy of Sunshine Coast Golf Zone.


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